Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hyatt Lake

We spent a late January afternoon at snowy Hyatt Lake with our friends, Andrew and Moriah. Grant got to go for a ride in his new backpack, and he loved it! We slipped and slided along the edge of the icy lake and soaked in the beautiful winter scenery.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas #4

Our fourth and final Christmas was in Tiller at Great-Grandpa and Grandma's house. We had a yummy brunch and a fun white elephant gift exchange. It was a smaller gathering than usual this year, but we still had fun.

All the great-grands that were there

Mommy and Daddy cozy on the couch

Grant loves Daddy's cousin, Crystal. She got him to fall asleep in her arms when he wouldn't go down for his afternoon nap.

Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater picture

My First Christmas (actually I think it's the 4th!)

Christmas #3

The third Christmas of the season was at the Caswell house. We left Florence early the day after Christmas and drove back home to Medford in time to open stockings and presents with Auntie Sheila and her kids. Uncle Eric and Auntie Heather arrived a little later with the twins. Unfortunately Grant slept through most of the festivities here. He still enjoys the presents he got though.

Christmas #2

Christmas #2 was on Christmas Day at the Stone house. We woke up early to open stockings, opened some presents, ate breakfast, then opened the rest of the presents. Boy was Grant spoiled! He should have enough toys to keep him busy for a while. He didn't get into the opening of the presents too much. He pulled on some bows, but that was about it. Next year should be better for that.

Christmas #1

Our first Christmas was spent on Christmas Eve in Florence. We spent some time down at the coffee shop visiting with friends and listening to Poppop play his trumpet. Then we went to GG's house for the real party. Most of the Johnson family was there, including three of the four great-grands born this year!

Daddy and Mommy at the coffee shop

Poppop tootin' his horn

Hanging out with Mommy's friends

Baby's First Christmas

Digging into Aunt Sandra's famous money jar

Thanks for the bucks GG!

Holding hands with Charlie Sioux

Jasmine is so small!