Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Dedication

Grant was dedicated at church this month. We were blessed to have members of both our families witness this special event. We are excited to bring Grant up in a God-loving family. We pray that he comes to love the Lord with all his heart!

Bath Update

Just wanted to update everyone on our bathing situation. The last time I posted pictures from bath time it didn't look like Grant enjoyed it very much (to say the least!). We decided to bathe him in the kitchen sink, and he seemed to like that much better. I think it has to do with the water covering him and he's not so cold. Now he loves taking baths...the swimming pool is another story!

Such a happy boy in his bath!

We think he looks a little like his Uncle Jordan did as a baby when he has his hair wet like this.

Our 3rd Anniversary

Grant got to join Mommy and Daddy on their anniversary trip this year! We took a trip down the Oregon Coast. Our trip started in Florence. We didn't have an agenda...just took off and stopped wherever we wanted. Some of our stops were Shore Acres, Bandon, Port Orford, Harris Beach, Brookings, and the Trees of Mystery (which is actually in California). We made a point to stop at all of the lighthouses along the way. We ate some yummy seafood and saltwater taffy! This trip was a little bit of a challenge with a baby, but we had fun and loved spending time with just our little family.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mercer Lake

While in Florence we spent a beautiful day at Mercer Lake. Grant had his first feel of lake water. He liked putting his toes in the sand at the edge of the water. We didn't go in much further than that.

Uncle J and Aunt Lizzy

Grant got to meet Mommy's brother and sister-in-law from Ohio for the first time in Florence. Uncle J and Aunt Lizzy were very excited to meet him, and will soon be giving him a cousin. Grant really seemed to like Uncle J especially. He would sit and look at him for a long time and smile whenever Jordan talked to him. We can't wait to welcome their little boy in December!

Uncle J and Aunt Lizzy had a very unique way of getting Grant to hold off on nursing while Mommy was playing in a Cornhole tournament :) I wish I had a video!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Surfing the Klamath

Grant's daddy loves to surf in his kayak. We took a family trip with Grandma and Grandpa Caswell and Auntie Allison to the Klamath River in Northern California. It was nice and warm even though it was evening. We had a great time watching Daddy and Grandpa surf the wave at "Schoolhouse".