Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wrapping up Fall

Fall is always a busy time for us, but it usually consists of the same things year after year. Which isn't a bad thing...that's why people love traditions right? They happen every year! So here is a brief overview of our Fall traditions (which totally makes sense to post about in January...?)

Paul started hunting when he was young with his uncle and cousins. It is something that he has enjoyed doing every year. When we got together, I started "hunting" with him. We would go to his grandparent's place in Tiller for the weekend. He would get up early to hunt, I would sleep in and wake up at my leisure to drink coffee and watch the cooking channel. He would come back in the early morning, and we would spend the rest of the day relaxing and taking naps until he went back out for his evening hunt. Well...things have changed just a tad since the kids came along. No more sleeping in and relaxing, but there is fun to be had in other ways! Grant loves shooting the BB gun and hiking out in the woods. Aubrie loves being with her family whatever we are doing. And Paul got a buck this year, so it was all successful!

Of course...the kids highlight of fall...getting lots of candy! We had a Rootin'-Tootin' Cowboy and a beautiful flower. The kids went trick-or-treating around Poppin and Grandma's neighborhood with their cousins, Blake and Hailey, and friends, Becca and Sarah.

Cabin Fun:
One of our favorite fall time activities (at least mom and dad's) is going to our friends cabin in Northern California. It is such a wonderful weekend of relaxation and friend time. There's nothing quite like spending uninterrupted time with friends in one house. We have lots of time to hang out and play games once the kids go to bed. This year we went after Halloween, but we still had the kids dress up and do their candy hunt. Again...the candy! Grant is the only boy in a whole heard of girls, but he doesn't seem to mind! The kids all have a great time together!

Double Birthday:
Daddy and Mommy celebrate birthdays two days apart. We like to make a whole week of it! Lots of dinners and dessert with family.