Thursday, May 23, 2013

Movin' to the country...

Our plan has always been to live in our duplex for a few years and eventually rent it out and buy something else. We finally did it! Well...kind of. We didn't buy something else, we are renting, but we moved! Paul and I have both always wanted to live a little ways out of town. Since we aren't in the position to buy right now, we decided to rent somewhere out of town and see if we even like it.

So WAY back in January we started to make that dream come true. We rented out our duplex and started looking for places to rent for ourselves. We found a place on a Tuesday, and were moving in that Friday. It was a whirlwind, and I don't feel like it ever stopped. We are finally settled in and feeling at home in our new place though.

There were many wonderful friends and family who came to help with our move! We couldn't have done it without them! It was sad to say goodbye to our old place...after all I had both of my babies there...but we were so excited for our new adventure!


We found a little place outside of Phoenix (the neighboring town to Medford). The house sits on an acre of property. It is only about 5 minutes to town, but feels like we are much farther out. The house is so small! Our duplex was about 1400 square feet, and our new place is 975 square feet. We still have three bedrooms, so each of the kids has their own room, but we only have one bathroom. What we sacrificed in the house though, we made up for in the yard. As Grant likes to tell people, "we have three back yards!" It just goes on and on, with sections separated by fences. The neighbors on one side have tons of chickens, and there are horses that pasture beyond the back fence.

We lived in chaos for a little while as we tried to figure out what exactly would fit in the house and what needed to go into storage. We also had the duplex to clean and fix up to get ready for the incoming tenants. But eventually we got everything done, and have LOVED living here!