Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aubrie's Dedication

It was Aubrie's turn to be dedicated at church this weekend. We believe that the Lord has given us our children, and it is our responsibility to raise them to love the Lord. By dedicating them we offer them back to God, acknowledging that we can't raise them on our own without His help and the help of our friends and family. Dedication is a special time for us, and we were thankful to have Grandma, Poppin, Uncle Eric, Auntie Heather, Blake, Hailey, and Gammy all there to be a part of it with us.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Grant turned 3 this weekend!
He, of course, wanted a Toy Story birthday party. I had so much fun getting it all ready. I'm sure people think I'm crazy for all of the work I put into birthdays, but I really enjoy it! I love all the planning and creating beforehand, and on the day of the party it is so much fun to see people enjoying everything. So...you may be one of the ones who thinks I'm crazy, but here are the pics from the party anyway :)

The birthday boy was dressed in his favorite Buzz Lightyear pajamas

There were fun games to play.
 "The Claw"

 "Bullseye's Target Toss"

 Toy Story bean bag toss

 "Buzz Lightyear's Rocket Launch"

"Woody's Rope 'em Lasso"

Some yummy food.
 Sheriff Woody Badges

 Pizza Planet Pizza

Character Cake

And one organized activity. Making Mr. Potato Head cupcakes.

I think everyone had a good time! :)


Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Yurting We Will Go

Last weekend was our annual yurting trip to Harris Beach in Brookings. This is the third year we have gone. The first year friends came with us, the second year it was just our family, and this year we were excited to have Aubrie with us.
The whole idea of these yurting trips we have started was to establish some traditions with our family. We want our yearly trip to be something that our kids always remember and look forward to each year. A Friday evening dinner at Wild River when we first get into town is one of those traditions.

We have stayed in the "Pistol" yurt all three years. We like the privacy the surrounding bushes provides, and it has a lot of space to set up chairs around the campfire.

This year we did something new. We made it into town in time for watching sunset at the beach. This might have to be added to our yearly tradition list.

Breakfast and coffee at the campsite.

Every trip we find a hike to do. We did this one on our first yurting trip, but we loved it and wanted to do it again. It takes you out to Cape Ferrelo, and you can see the ocean on three sides of you. Beautiful!

Hanging out at the campsite. Aubrie enjoyed this moment. She wasn't too sure about camping. I think she was a little cold and uncomfortable, but at this moment she was happy :)

Playing at the beach. While we were there, Paul noticed a guy and his son surfing. He knew that one of his former skiing instructors lives in Brookings, and wondered if it was him. It was! We got to hang out with Adam a little bit and even went to visit his family the next day.

Grant is making his first s'more. He REALLY liked it! :)

We usually try to do our trip in April, but this year since Aubrie would be so new we decided to try for May. When I booked the trip I didn't realize that it was on Mother's Day weekend. But I can't think of a better way to spend Mother's Day than with my family at the beach. Paul let me sleep in and then made me breakfast. We went on a little walk around the campground. Then we went into town to a little coffee shop on the docks. I'm thinking that a Sunday morning coffee shop trip wouldn't be a bad thing to add to our tradition list either... :)

When we got home from Brookings, we had Grandma and Poppin over for dinner. Poppin has been in Grenada for a month and was surprised at how big Aubrie had gotten!

It was fun to end Mother's Day with an evening with Paul's Mom.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Dream Come True

When I was in high school, my mom took my brother and me snow skiing for the first time.  She got us a half day lesson, and then we spent the rest of the time skiing together. It was fun. After that, I went snow skiing a few times with my friends...who had all been skiing their whole lives...and it wasn't too much fun anymore. I spent the whole time trying to catch up, which meant I needed to go faster, which meant I fell down a lot! I decided that I didn't like snow skiing. (I have to make the distinction, because I love water skiing! :)) I quickly added "Does NOT like to snow ski" to my list for my future husband.

Fast forward a few years, and I am married to someone who LOVES to ski. He not only loves to ski, but he is really good at it! He was on the speed skiing team in high school and then coached the team in college. He keeps track of the number of days he skis in a season, which at times I think has been over 50. He really likes to ski! It was his family's main activity in the winter when he was growing up.

When we got together I was dreading going skiing with him. I knew there would be no way out of it though if our relationship was going to last any time at all. So...I went with him. He was so patient and always made sure that I was comfortable. He stayed with me on the easy runs and let me stand by and watch as he amazed me on the difficult runs. The first year we were married, I went skiing more than I had my entire life up to that point. I have come to the point where I like to ski. I will never like if as much as him, and I will never be even close to as good as him, but it is something we can do together.

One of the things that Paul has been so excited about doing with our kids is, of course, snow skiing. He dreams of family weekends up at Mt. Ashland. We got our first taste of it a few weeks ago. Grant went skiing! He has these cute little skis that strap onto his regular boots. Paul would hold him between his legs and down the mountain they would go. Grant was a little hesitant at first, but eventually loved it! His favorite part was riding the "forklift". When it was time to go he did not want to leave! We even met up with one of Paul's good skiing buddies. He loved being up there with his son and skiing friend. Here are some pictures from our fun day. It was beautiful and sunny. A perfect day to ski. Some day Mommy and Aubrie will be up there with him, trying to keep up!