Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Christmas Time

Since it is way past Christmas, and I'm sure no one is really interested in reading about it, I'll make this short and sweet...because I can't just skip such an important event on my blog. :)

Grant had a great time decorating the tree. He (grudgingly) saved a few ornaments for us to put on, but he really wanted to do it all himself. He did a pretty good job too! Aubrie helped in her own way.

The kids got to see Santa at our annual Santa party with friends. Aubrie (obviously) didn't like Santa, but Grant was thrilled that he got a "nice" badge from Santa.

 We had our own family Christmas at our house before we left for Florence. Grandma and Poppin joined us. It was Aubrie's first experience opening up gifts. She didn't really get it, but Grant was super into it...Imagine that!

Then on to Florence for Christmas Eve at GG's, and Christmas morning at Gammy and Poppop's. It was so much fun because Uncle Jordan and Aunt Iggy were there this time. We haven't all been together for Christmas in a long time.

Our final stop was Grandma and Poppin's house with the whole Caswell family. Grant was so excited to get to hang out with all of his cousins.