Monday, September 13, 2010

The Marbles

Paul and I took Grant to Poppop and Gammy's house in Florence, and we went backpacking. I am just recently getting into backpacking since it is one of Paul's favorite things to do. With a new baby last year we obviously didn't get a chance to go together, but were very excited to go this year. We went to the Marble Mountain Wilderness in Northern California. Our destination was Campbell Lake. We were gone for three days and two nights. Backpacking is something we hope can become a family activity. Paul is already ready to take Grant...we'll probably wait a few years though. I'm sure he had more fun with Gammy and Poppop and his Aunties. Although...he probably would have loved being outside in the wilderness...but then Mommy and Daddy wouldn't have had such a relaxing time!

Here we are...ready to go
The view from our campsite
We took a day hike up to Cliff Lake
This is what I spent most of the time doing...
And Paul, of course, was hard a work
He made us a wonderful campsite
And...we're done!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo!

Medford has a really great train park. It is only open a couple days a month because it is completely run by volunteers. What a wonderful service these people do! There are tons of miniature trains that kids can look at and ride. The ride is actually really long and well worth the wait in line. It takes you over bridges, through tunnels, and all through the park so you can see the real size trains that are parked around. There is even a mini train track that has a bunch of little trains driving around for the kids to watch. Grandma loved taking her kids when Daddy was little, and was really excited to take Grant. Grant liked the experience, but I think it may be a couple years before he can completely enjoy it. We had fun though :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Daddy's Boy

There is no doubt that Grant is all boy. He loves being outside and doing "boy" things. While we were camping at Union Creek, Daddy, Mommy, and Grant all took a little walk along the creek. Grant had the time of his life finding pine cones and throwing them into the creek. He would get really upset though when he couldn't get them back. I got some precious pictures of Grant with Daddy, and I just had to share them. I love the boys in my life!