Saturday, August 28, 2010

Union Creek Camping

Grant loves camping! We went on another camping trip, this time with Daddy's parents and their friends, the Grantlands. We really realized how much Grant liked camping on this trip. He was completely dirty the entire time we were there. It is so much fun to see how little he cared about getting dirt absolutely all over himself. His favorite thing was to pick up bark that had fallen off a tree in our campsite and throw it in the fire. Our whole site was cleared of bark by the time we left. There was a creek flowing right by our campsite, so we spent some time by the water, and we also went hiking and bike riding. Most of all we loved just being together as a family.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Loon Lake Camping

So I am just a bit behind on my postings...We've been a tad busy this summer. But you know what that means...FUN!!! Way back in July we went camping at Loon Lake with Gammy, Auntie Allison, Auntie Katelyn, Sandy and Randy, and Kelsi and Nora. Kelsi and I have been camping at Loon Lake together since we were babies, so it was so much fun to go camping together with our babies. I am bummed that I didn't even get a picture of the four of us :( Huge mistake! You know how I love pictures to document everything! Grant loved camping. The big attraction at Loon Lake is the beautiful sandy beach. He had a great time playing in the wet sand...and throwing it. He was watching some older kids having a sand fight and wouldn't you know it, the next day he started throwing sand. It's scary to see how quickly they pick up bad habits. Anyway...back to the fun. There were many things at the campsite for Grant to explore. He loved playing in the dirt and finding rocks and leaves. The major event of the week was Grant's first tubing experience. He and Daddy went on a real tube ride behind Randy's boat. It was hard to tell if he really liked it, but at least he didn't cry. We had a great time and enjoyed the time with some of Mommy's family and friends.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Youngest Rafter on the River

A few weeks ago we took Grant on his first rafting trip. We were a little unsure of how it would work out since he HATES wearing his life jacket, and a life jacket is a must on the river. Our good friends, Brett and Andrea, Grandma Caswell and Cousin Tyler went with us. It was a perfect day for rafting. Sunny, warm, and not many people on the river. Grant was a little skeptical at first, but eventually warmed up to wearing the life jacket. He even ended up having some fun :) Ever since that day, whenever he sees his life jacket he wants to hold it and carry it all around. I think he might become a rafter yet!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Grant and Henry

Grant and Henry...could there be any two more old man names? But these two are just wee little ones, and they are cousins. Although they live many miles apart we are convinced that they are going to be the best of friends. They are too young to know it yet, but they will make millions of exciting memories to share in the years to come.