Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bunnies and Swedish Pancakes

It seems like there aren't many holidays that we stay home for. This year we decided to stay home for Easter. Our new house has an awesome backyard, and we thought it would be perfect for an Easter egg hunt. Since we don't know for sure if we will be in this same place next year, we decided to take advantage of it while we had it.
Grant always has fun decorating eggs. He doesn't ever want it to end, but we don't really eat hard boiled eggs! What am I supposed to do with all those eggs?! But we have to let him have his fun, and I can't imagine an Easter without decorating eggs!

My family always does our own Easter sunrise service out on the deck. I wanted to keep the tradition even if we weren't in Florence.

The kids had to find their Easter baskets (another tradition from my family). And after church we had brunch at our house with Poppin, Grandma, Uncle Eric, and the twins. We made Swedish pancakes and baked eggs. What a treat! Then the kids got to do their egg hunt outside. It was a wonderful day and fun to celebrate in our own home.

Back to the Slopes

Daddy has been so excited to get Grant back out on the skiing hill. Last year was Grant's first time up on the mountain with his little plastic skis. This year, they borrowed some real skies from friends, and it made all the difference. Grant did great! He even got some turning in! They went out a few times and had so much fun! Grant is going to be an awesome skier like his Daddy!

Aubrie Turns ONE!

No, I haven't completely forgotten about my blog, but it has gotten pushed to the back burner a little. I think I got overwhelmed when we moved. There was so much to do in my "free" time that I didn't have time to sit and blog. Then there got to be SO much that I wanted to blog about, I was just too far behind.
Well, I'm back (for this moment at least!). And I have to tell you about an important event...
Aubrie turned ONE!!! Way back in February we celebrated her first birthday in our new house. Trying to move into a new house and plan a first birthday party was quite a challenge. But we did it, and it was fun!
Aubrie obviously couldn't give me much input into what the theme of her party should be. (When Grant turned one we had a dog party because "dog" was his first word.) I remembered seeing a circle party somewhere, and thought it was really cute. So that's what we did, and it turns out that "ball" ended up being Aubrie's first word. So it kind of fits. :)
I couldn't have done it without some great help though.

(Daddy and Poppop actually did help...I just got their relaxing before the party really started!)

We had circles everywhere! It was so much fun to come up with all the different ways of decorating with circles. Her cake even had circles inside! (Here you can get a peek into our "cabin-y" house.)

It was interesting squeezing everyone into our tiny little house. We had some outdoor activities going on, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Aubrie had fun opening her gifts and visiting all the people. It's so hard to believe that she is one already. Time has gone by so fast!