Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just Bein' a Boy

I am absolutely loving the stage that Grant is in right now. He is 22 months old, and such a boy! I laugh every day about something he does or says. His new thing is saying "no thanks" when he isn't really being asked with that as an option. For example...I told him that he could either get his jammies on first or pick up his toys and then get his jammies on...he said "no thanks". I tried so hard not to laugh. It is so sweet that he is being polite about it, but we have some work ahead of us teaching him what he can and cannot say "no" to. Here are some fun pictures of my boy being a boy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Just had to share...

Paul went to wake Grant up one morning and found this... All of his bed things in one place. Grant likes to sleep with multiple blankies, binkies, and characters (that's what he calls them...his characters). I can just imagine him in the middle of night waking up and making sure that all of his things are all piled together underneath him. Then, when it is time to get out of bed, he has to hand everything over one by one to get out of the crib with him. Sometimes I have so many characters and blankies in my arms that I can hardly get him out of the crib! He is such a funny boy, and I love enjoying all the crazy things he does.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Don't we have fun?!

Boy do we know how to have fun! Last weekend we went to Florence with our friends, Brett and Andrea. We were planning on going on this really great hike up Sweet Creek, but heard that it was supposed to rain the whole time we were there. So...we decided to go anyway! And when I say it rained...I mean it poured almost the entire hike! We were soaked to the bone. Grant was quite a trooper. He rode in the pack all the way to the falls and back. It was a fun hike with memories made.

This isn't from the hike, but I thought it was too cute. We were driving home from Florence with Grant packed in on all sides as usual. The sun was getting in his eyes, so he wanted Mommy's glasses.