Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sledding and a Haircut!

Some might call me crazy, but a couple of weekends ago we went sledding. (I was 38 weeks pregnant at that time!) I have been so blessed in my pregnancies and feel great all the way up to the end. I didn't see any reason why we couldn't go. As we were driving way up into the mountains though, through the extremely snowy roads, I did start to feel a little uneasy about going into labor with such a long drive back to town. But all was well...except for when the snow plow forced us into the snow bank! We had to have our friends help dig us out and pull us out. That was exciting :)

We went with some of our friends from the link group we attend for our church. They are all families with young children. We get together once a week or every other week to eat dinner and go through various studies. It has really been a great way for us to get to know some other young families in our church.

It was a great time! There was even a little cabin where we could warm up. Grant loved sledding, but really didn't like being cold!

Ahhhh...the hot chocolate afterwards is definitely the best!!

Oh...and an update on the hair cutting saga. Paul's dad was telling his barber about the trouble we've had with getting Grant's hair cut. She told him that she has been cutting kids' hair forever and she could cut any kid's hair. So, Poppin took Grant to get his hair cut. We really talked it up. He was going to get to ride in Poppin's big truck, go to his barber named Robin, get a popsicle, get a spikey hair cut like Daddy, go to see some animals at the Grange, and get some popcorn. He was all excited about it!

When the time came though for Poppin to pick him up, he started backing out a little. He did eventually go with him, but Poppin says that it wasn't a very pleasant experience. His hair is cut though, and that's what matters...I think. I really didn't want to extend Grant's fear of hair cuts by forcing him to do it again. I really wanted it to be his choice. But since I wasn't there to make sure he made that choice, they held his hands down while he screamed, and they cut it anyway. Not that we haven't done that in the past, but it was hard knowing that he went through that and I wasn't even there. :(

It is isn't perfect, but it is livable for the next few months :) Here is our handsome boy! He is watching Diego at the time of this picture. If you remember from the previous post about all this, that was his reward for getting his hair cut. The month long hiatus from TV is over, for better or worse!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Growing Family

A few weeks ago when we were in Florence I had my sister, Allison, take some family pictures for us. I wasn't really happy with any of the maternity pictures I got when I was pregnant with Grant, but I love these! (Allison didn't take the ones of Grant's pregnancy by the way. She is not to blame!) Didn't she do a great job?!

Which ones do you like? I want to get some printed for Aubrie's room, but I can't decide which ones!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sweet Girl's Room

A few weeks ago I thought that Aubrie's nursery would never get done. I was lacking in concrete ideas and motivation. I wanted it to be done and had a few vague ideas, but just couldn't get it together. Wonder Mom to the rescue! Let me just say...my mom is amazing. When she gets something in her mind, there is no stopping her. She came down for a couple of days, and it was done! I love how it turned out :) I was worried that it would still feel like a boys room after having Grant in there for over two years, but it definitely feels girly now.

This is one of my favorite things in her room. It is a cross stitch that my mom made to put in the nursery when we were little. I can remember seeing it in our nursery and memorizing it's sweet rhyme. My mom asked if I wanted it when she was redoing the room it had always been in. I did want it (for the memories), but I didn't know what I would do with it. It just happens to go perfectly in her room! I am excited to incorporate this special family piece into Aubrie's room.

Monday, February 20, 2012

To Infinity And Beyond!

Finally...here is Grant's big boy room. My mom came down in November and helped with the majority of the decorating and the big move. We tossed around a couple of ideas for the theme, and finally decided that Toy Story was the winner. Grant loves all things Toy Story, so it went over really big with him! At one point while we were decorating he said, "I'm excited what we're doing in here!"

There were a few factors in switching rooms that I was worried about. Would he stay in his big boy bed? Would he want his old room back? Would he resent that Aubrie was getting is old room? So with those in mind we really tried to play up his new room. It definitely worked. He has been nothing but excited about his room ever since we finished. He wants to show everyone his room as soon as they come in the door. He has been sleeping in the big queen bed since November, and still doesn't get out of it on his own. He will call to us when he wakes up and won't get out until we come into his room! There was one night when he said he wanted to go sleep in his crib, but we told him that this was his room now, and he hasn't said another word about it. He hasn't even seemed to mind that his old room is soon to be Aubrie's. I love it that he will just go into his room and play now. He never used to do that. He really takes pride in his new room, and that makes us so happy! :)

So...without further ado...here is the room. (Grant was so excited that I was taking pictures of his room and he kept wanting to be in the pictures!)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

At The Coast

I feel like I haven't blogged about many trips to Florence for a while. It's probably because we haven't been there as much as usual. We've been sticking around home more. But this trip was really special because we got to meet this sweet one...
Hosanna Nelle is the newest addition to the Stone family. Uncle Jordan, Aunt Iggy, Henry, and Hosanna came to Florence, so of course we had to make the trip to see them! (Plus all the other family we've been missing over there.) Things between Henry and Grant are always a little dicey, but they did pretty well and we even got some pictures of them together.

We had a wonderful three days doing all of the things we love to do in Florence...

Being "nakie boys" (ok...we like to do that anywhere)

Jumping on the "trampareen"

Playing with friends

Loving on GG

Playing "oh bones"

Going to the beach

Having fun with two of the coolest Aunties in the world!

Reading (I just loved this series of pictures!)

Playing airplane

 Building trains

And of course we went to the coffee shop, but for some crazy reason didn't get any pictures of it! That's something we don't ever miss though.

We loved getting to spend some quality time with family in Florence. We feel so blessed to have family that we like to spend time with! We love you!!!