Thursday, September 27, 2012

BB Getaway

Going to Black Butte is one of my favorite things to do. It is a ranch in Central Oregon where my grandparents built a vacation house. I grew up going there in the summer, winter, and any other time we could get there. The house is like a second home to me. It is so nice to go there and feel at home without all the pressures of actually being at home. My favorite pastime there used to be sitting and reading, whether it was out on the deck or in front of the warm fireplace. Now...with two kiddos...I don't get to do much of that. We find other things to keep ourselves busy!

I was majorly slacking when we went to the pool, so I don't have any pictures of it. But...we had a great time at the pool. Grant tried out all of his new swimming moves, and Aubrie splashed around showing off her cute suit and smile.

Bike riding is another fun activity. It is becoming one of Grant's favorite things to do. He has a balance bike, which is a bike that doesn't have any pedals, so he has to balance on it. The idea is that he will be able to move right into a regular bike without ever having to use training wheels. He is really really good at it too! He can glide for quite a while with his feet up. One morning we decided to ride to the lodge for breakfast. It is a good 20 minute ride for us big people, so it was a really long ride for him. He almost made it the whole way! He did get tired though, and Auntie Kate helped him out. It was so much fun riding through the meadow. I can remember going on family bike rides with my parents and siblings through that same meadow many years ago. And the view of Black Butte Mountain is beautiful! Aubrie loved riding in the pack. She kept looking around and was really happy the whole time!

And we always have some good hangout time at the house. Like I feels like home, so it is comfortable and very relaxing.

We had a wonderful time with Gammy and Auntie Kate. What a spectacular way to get away and enjoy ourselves!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Swim little fishy...

Grant took swimming lessons when he was 8 months old.
It was really fun, but he didn't really learn how to swim. We decided that this year would be a good time to start him off with some "real" lessons. We signed him up for individual lessons at Jackson Pool.
 He was pretty excited...up until he actually had to get into the pool.
 His instructor, Vanessa, tried and tried to get him to go in.
 He wouldn't even get in the kiddie pool.
 Finally, once Mommy got in, he got in. He would only let Mommy hold him though, so Vanessa had to teach Mommy what to do.
 Aubrie might be a different story. She really likes the water, and will probably be a little fish!

I was pretty disappointed with how swimming lessons went. He went every day for 5 days. He would only get in the water if I was in there, and then he still wouldn't do the things that Vanessa wanted him to do. I don't know if it was just him being stubborn, shy, or scared...but he would not cooperate. We spent most of the time playing around in the water and just getting him to be comfortable in it. I think that paid off at least. Later in the week we went to the Grantland's pool with Poppin, Grandma, Uncle Eric, Auntie Heather, Blake, and Hailey. Grant was loving the water! He would swim all on his own (with his floaty), which is something he would never do before. He was even jumping into the water from the side! He still isn't a fish, but he definitely feels more confident in the water, and I have hopes that someday he will learn to swim!

Hot Camping!

If you have never been camping when it's really probably don't ever want to! We had our yearly camping trip planned with Grandma, Poppin, and the Grantlands way before we knew it was going to be a scorcher. Every year we go down to Tree of Heaven along the Klamath River. It is a nice place to camp because it is right by the river. We relax, swim, and do some rafting. It's a great time with great people! (Jim Grantland loves to make wonderful meals for everyone, so we all reap the benefits of his early morning breakfast spreads. It is seriously one of the best things about this camping tradition!)
This year was HOT! It was the weekend when every day was over 100 degrees. We might have had a little bit of an easier time if we didn't have an infant with us. It was just too hot for her to take naps...and when babies don't take naps...bad things! She did however love laying down in the little kiddie pool we brought along. It was a last minute grab as we left home, and it saved us! The kids (and adults) were able to stay cool while we were at the campsite.
Grant got to go rafting again. He was a little more into it than last year. He really liked looking for turtles along the way.
We had a great time, but really hope it's not as hot next year!
This is how we survived!

The only time is was cooler was in the morning.

Blake and Hailey came too!

I finally resorted to nursing like this...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Half a Year!!

My baby is 6 months old!! I'm realizing that I don't want her to grow up. With Grant I was excited about each new stage and couldn't wait for him to do the next thing. With Aubrie I am trying to savor every stage because I know it won't last long. I am actually a little sad as she moves on to the next stage.
Aubrie is such a joy in our lives. She has a beautiful smile, and her entire face lights up when she smiles her wide mouth grin. She loves to laugh, and it makes my heart so glad to hear it. I can't get enough of tickling her and kissing her cheeks to make her laugh.
She is definitely a Momma's Girl...which I'm sorta ok with! Whenever someone else is holding her, you can always tell that she is searching around for me. When she spots me, she gets this really anxious look on her face and starts to make this noise that means "gimme, gimme!" while stretching towards me. It's really cute, but not so cute when I just want someone else to hold her for a little while!
I love her so much! Isn't she cute? :)