Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pumpkin Time

Get ready for this...we only went to ONE pumpkin patch this year...not our usual three! Our new house is right down the road from one of the best pumpkin patches in our area. Why go anywhere else?! Poppop and Gammy decided that it was time for a visit, so we made it a pumpkin patch event too. It wouldn't be a fall without a trip to the patch with Gammy and Poppop! We also ran into our friends, so the kids had some fun playing with them.

We wasted no time in carving the pumpkins. It was little early in the season, but we wanted Poppop and Gammy to be part of it.

 The finished product!

This can't be happening...

 Yep...Grant started school! There has been a lot of worry (on my part) about how he would do with this transition. He has been an absolute rock star! There have been a few days before school when he says he doesn't want to go (what kid doesn't say that at some point?!), but he has never cried or thrown a fit like he used to do at church.
 His teacher, Mrs. Fransen, is awesome! She loves each and every one of her students, and her love for them shines through in everything she does. She says that Grant is a wonderful student and has made many friends.
Our friends' daughter, Campbell, was the only person Grant knew going into the school year. We had thought that the two of them would have a great time together, but every day I ask Grant if he played with Campbell he says "no". He has made many new friends though, and loves school! He said his favorite part is doing his work!

And I get to spend three mornings a week with this little sweetie! I am really enjoying out time together!


Last Christmas Gammy and Poppop's gift to all of us was another family trip. They did this a couple of years ago, and we all went to Destin Florida. This time it was Sandpoint Idaho. Unfortunately, Uncle Jordan and Aunt Elizabeth couldn't come this time...they did have a baby while we were there though! Welcome Baby Gus!
Grant has flown several times by now, but this was Aubrie's first plane ride! She did not want to sleep on the plane. I guess she didn't want to miss anything. Grant was so excited to fly again. He could hardly wait to get on the plane!

Sandpoint is located in the panhandle of Idaho. My parents did a house swap, and we stayed in a house that was right on the lake. The owners of the house let us use their boat, so we would take a boat ride across the lake to Sandpoint City Beach almost every day. We could just dock the boat right in town and either go eat yummy food or play at the beach (both of which we did many times!).

The boat and dock were definitely the main attractions. We spent lots of quality time swimming and reading at the dock, paddling the kayaks, and taking the boat on joy rides. My family loved going fast! We even had a nighttime dessert cruise one night and a sunset viewing cruise another night. The only problem was the 100+ stairs it took to get to the dock and then back up!

The house was pretty awesome too! There was a hot tub overlooking the lake and a killer deck with hammock swings on the second floor. We spent every morning out there before the kids got up. Grant and Aubrie loved spending time with Poppop, Gammy, and their two wonderful Aunties.

We ventured away from the lake for one afternoon. Schweitzer Mountain is close to Sandpoint, so we spent some time there. We rode the lift to the top of the mountain, panned for "gold", and had some ice cream. Aubrie loved the rocks on the top of the mountain. We couldn't get her to put them down to smile for any picture whatsoever!

It was a wonderful trip, but we are always glad to be home!