Thursday, March 25, 2010


The following three posts are out of order. I put them into the computer as they happened, not thinking that they would show up in the opposite order. All that to say...scroll to the last post from today and move backwards :)

Home Again, Home Again

With a plentiful supply of Cheerios, bananas, books, and toys we made it home from Cincinnati. The trip did not go quite as smoothly as planned. Our flight out of Cincinnati was so delayed that we missed our next flight out of Denver. There weren't any more flights from Denver to Medford that night, so we had to stay overnight. Fortunately the airlines provided the hotel for us, but only after we waited in an hour long line late at night. By the time we reached the hotel, Gammy and I were so surprised that Grant had not hit the wall yet. He was such a trooper and kept on smiling even though it was about midnight Cincinnati time. We had to leave the hotel at 4:30 the next morning and fly to San Francisco and then finally to Medford...where we discovered that our luggage did not make it home. It was a long day. But Grant was just as great as he was on the flight out. He made more friends and loved exploring all around.


We had a great time in Cincinnati. We didn't do much but hang out at the house, but aren't those the best kinds of visits? Grant and Henry would have had a great time together, but Grant had a cold so we tried to keep him away from Henry as much as possible. He was very confused why he couldn't touch Henry. We did take a couple of trips into downtown and a few walks. The weather was nice and it was wonderful to spend time with family. Beware: many pictures follow :)

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Grant took his first trip on a plane this month. He went with Mommy and Gammy to Cincinnati to visit Uncle Jordan, Aunt Elizabeth, and Henry. What a wonderful flier! He was absolutely perfect on the plane. We heard other kids crying while we were flying, but Grant was an angel and didn't cry once. He was busy entertaining other passengers and walking up and down the aisle with Gammy. I think he made many new friends. Mommy would definitely take him flying again!

Daddy dropped us off for our early morning flight (can you tell it's early?)

Ready to board

Having fun with anything we can find on the plane

Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Longer Toothless

Grant has finally gotten his first tooth! He actually got it more than a month ago, but it has been so slow in coming up. His second tooth appeared about a month after the first. It is almost impossible to get him to open his mouth enough to see his teeth, much less get a picture of them. So these cute pictures will have to do for now. Just know that his teeth are in there. The second picture does give a great showing of his most recent "thing". He sticks his lips out, points his finger, and spits a ton while he makes noises :) I love that he has discovered his pointer finger. It is fun when he points at things and "talks". It really seems like he is trying to tell you something. He is such a joy and getting to be more fun as time goes on.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What a Fish!

Last month Grant and Daddy started taking swimming lessons. Let me just say, Grant did not LOVE his first lesson. But he has definitely gotten better throughout the month. For his first lesson he was very stiff and whimpered the whole time. He didn't full-on cry, but he was close. We were all very glad when the half hour was up. Since then though, he has become more and more comfortable in the pool (the 90 degree pool, I might add). His friend Georgianna and her Daddy, Ryan, are taking lessons with them. It is so much fun to see the daddies with their babies having fun. They sing, play, slide, float on their back, and even go under water! Boy was that a difficult thing to master. But now Grant can go quite a distance under water without coming up sputtering. Daddy is teaching him to swim after toys...he is even moving his arms like he is swimming! His class is called "Minnow and Me" and Grant is really becoming quite the minnow!