Wednesday, May 11, 2011


As has become our yearly tradition, we went to Brookings and stayed in a yurt. Last year we had a bunch of friends come with us. This year circumstances made it so that it was just our little family that went. We had so much fun just the three of us! Grant was SO excited to go camping. When we got there he helped Daddy unload the truck. He kept running back and forth from the truck with one thing at a time and saying "more, more, more"! He was super excited for everything we did...way into it. He loved building a fire with Daddy, playing in the yurt with Mommy, and hunting for the "polar bear" that was scratching on the side of the yurt. Of course we took a ton of here you go:

We took a hike on Saturday. Grant discovered that he really likes "noculars". We hiked out to a point. It was beautiful!! Pretty windy and cold...but what can you expect when you go camping in April right?

Grant had a lot of fun playing at the beach. We took a picnic down there, and the squirrels loved us.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Easter!

This is definitely the year of Grant learning new words! "Easter" is now in his vocabulary. Trying to be a good mom, I really worked at teaching him the real reason for Easter. I searched tons of sites on teaching your kids the real meaning of Easter, but he is just too young to sit still long enough to even listen to anything I say! My mom made a beautiful interactive wall hanging when we were young that walks kids through the story of Easter. It is called "The Road To Calvary". She handed it down to me, and I talked about it with Grant this year. I don't know if he really comprehended anything that I told him, but at least we did it and started a tradition that we can continue next year!

Showing off the final day on "The Road To Calvary"

Aside from my attempts at teaching biblical significance, we had a wonderful Easter weekend. On Saturday we went to Tiller for an Easter brunch and anniversary celebration for Paul's grandparents. In the past few years, the great-grandchildren population at Tiller has hugely increased!!! We thought it would be fun to have an egg hunt for all the kids. Grant learned very quickly why an "eggy hunt" was super fun!

All the great-grandkids before the hunt...a good attempt, but could not get everyone to look!

Can we get started already?!

And he's off!

Where are those eggs?!

It didn't take long for him to discover what was hidden inside the eggs!

But he was soon distracted by the slide :)

Four Generations of Caswell men in Tiller

On Sunday morning we woke Grant up and told him that he had to find his Easter basket. He found it quickly, and made quick work of the fun inside. We went to our own church for the Easter service. This is the first time I have ever been to our home church on a major holiday! We are always out of town...side note :)

After church Grant found another Easter basket from our neighbors, Don and Trudy! Then we went over to Grandma and Poppin's house for another eggy hunt, yet another Easter basket, and yummy dinner. It was a fun filled weekend!

On Monday morning when Grant woke up, the first thing he did was run down the hall into the living room yelling "Easter!" He was ready for another round. Is it any wonder?!