Sunday, August 25, 2013

Daddy's Day

We got home from one of our camping trips in time to celebrate Father's Day at Grandma and Poppin's house. The dads played a competitive cornhole tournament while the moms and kids relaxed and enjoyed the day. I am so thankful to have a husband like Paul to be Daddy to my kids. He is an amazing dad who truly loves his kids and loves spending time with them. They can't get enough of him! His every moment at home is spent doing things with them. I love him so much and am lucky to partner in parenting with him!

June Campouts

We got to go camping two times in June.

The first was at Hyatt Lake with some of our friends and their friends. It was a camp ground that we've never been too before, but it ended up being really nice. Our site was right on the lake, so the kids could play in the water and go in the boat. One of the families there had a little boy that was close to Grant's age. They had a blast riding their bikes and "fishing" from the boat. I decided to get a little creative with our camping food this time. We had nachos over the fire and the yummiest marshmallow/chocolate/banana/strawberry cones over the fire (thank you Pinterest). We took a small hike to another lake, and the kids had a blast building a fort. This campout was a little interesting in that Aubrie had just started learning how to walk but couldn't do it very well yet. So she spent most of her time "knee walking", getting completely dirty! It was Father's Day while we were there, so Paul enjoyed being with his kids in the great outdoors!

Our next camping trip was with the Stone family. We went to Look Lake (as usual). Daddy wasn't able to come this time :(. We had to move the trip up a few days since it was supposed to rain, and he wasn't coming until the weekend. Uncle Jordan, Aunt Iggy, Henry, and Hosanna were in Oregon at that time, and came with us...but they ended up getting sick the first night and headed back to the house. (The yucky sickness was slow moving and ended up hitting everyone except my kids and Henry throughout the course of the week.) Grant was in his element, swimming, playing in the sand, building fires, and playing with sticks and stuff. Aubrie...still not completely walking...was dirty again. She doesn't seem to love camping, but I'm sure it will get better once she can get around better.

Rhody Days

Rhody Days in Florence was always one of my favorite times of the year. The whole town was so festive and there was lots to do. Since Grant decided to be born on Rhody weekend 4 years ago...we haven't made it to Florence for the festival. This year we decided to make it happen. My mom wanted to have a birthday party for Grant since it was his actual birthday weekend (we had his party about two weeks early). He has really gotten into Legos, so that's the kind of birthday he wanted there. We celebrated at GG's house with some friends from Florence. One of my good friends growing up, Kelsi, her daughter was there visiting her grandparents, so it was fun to have her there to help us celebrate just like her mom and I used to celebrate birthdays together growing up! It was also baby Conner's birthday, so he came to celebrate with us too!

After the birthday festivities, there were Rhody festivities to enjoy. We went to the carnival (Grant loved the jump house!), the old car show, two parades, the coffee shop (of course), and probably some other stuff...

Such a fun weekend, and it was good to get back to Rhody Days!

Mommy's Day

I'm starting to feel a little ridiculous with all of these WAY past events that I'm posting...Oh well :) Someday I'm sure I will be caught up (for a day or so, and then behind again)!

We had a beautiful Mother's Day. We went to church and then had a yummy pizza dinner at our house with Paul's family. Daddy gave rides in the wheel barrow, and the kids had fun playing on the swing set. I love being a mom to my two beautiful children. They inspire and tire me all at the same time. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Super G!!

This year Grant wanted a Superhero Flashlight party for his 4th birthday. You know me...I love planning a themed birthday party! And this one was so much fun to plan! There were so many cute ideas. It all turned out awesome, but I think my favorite part of all was that each kid got to make their own superhero cape and wear a mask. They were adorable running around in their costumes. It really added a festive mood to the party. Grant had a great time, and I think the other kids did too :)

Oh, and the "flashlight" part came in after it got dark. After moving to our new house, one of Grant's favorite things to do is run around in the backyard after dark with his flashlight. Not everyone could stay for this part, but it was a blast nonetheless.